I’m feeling rather overwhelmed by all the options around frameworks. I’m in a place where I’m either going to stick to MSCEADE for land based which I used on the PDC and try SADIMET and GOBRADIME alongside it or the design web for more social designs , or try to synthesise them all to come up with my own!

Then I find it confusing to know where things like zones and sectors and principles and ethics fit into it all. I’m in the very early stages of starting, so recognise that this is all part of the process of learning and discovery.

Carla Moss just keep plugging away Sally. And don’t worry too much about knowing exactly where to put things, just try the tools and see how they work for you.

Notice what you notice and record what you’re learning in the reflection part of the design (this is something required by all the diploma designs to show our ongoing learning)

And it’s easiest documented as you go along, you don’t need to leave it till the end to write it (when, if you’re like me, you might have forgotten what you’ve learnt!)

You’ll also find capturing those learnings helps the ongoing designing.

I created a crib sheet that I’ve used for the Design Day I run that gives some example tools and where they go in SADIMET and CEAP (Collect, Evaluate, Apply principles and ethics, Plan) If you’d like a copy DM me your email address and I’ll send it over 

This helpful exchange on the Diploma Facebook got me thinking about what I’ve learnt so far.

For me, the first part of the design process has been noticing where I am. Writing the Learning Pathway so far has me firmly situated in the here and now.

The next phase of the design process has to be working out where you want to be. For me, this is missing form the Map (MSCEADE), Sadimet and other frameworks. It’s in the design web and Gobradime.

I found it very unfurling yesterday to have come upon the structure for my learning pathway. I’ve been fussing with it for so many days and it’s not been sitting comfortably. Now I see that the Kymin projects are designs with in a bigger design, I’m happy to carry on.

I think it might be easy to confuse observations and reflections. I think some of my observations are actually reflections.

Observation is just about noticing what is.

Reflection is my response to what is. Reflection is noticing and documenting learnings. There’s a key difference there that I’d like to be mindful of.

*Reflection is a key part of each design – add it into the design template.

Other things:

  • Someone in the greenhouse dealing. Not great, get a little padlock and put lots of plants in there to fill up the bench to deter them.
  • I don’t like bureaucracy.
  • I’m pulling together a support structure around me with the formation of a holding group for the GT | Grow-along.
  • I need to find someone else to take on maintenance of West House

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