I have clearly articulated my aims in the  Goals phase . Now, how to begin to meet those aims? Coming back to the aims again here feels like it makes the design more goal oriented.

I used tools in the observation phase to help uncover my aims and motivations for this design, including client interview and writing a basemap. This helped me gain clarity around what I’m trying to do. The yield from the previous phases is learning, insight and ideas.

The big idea (pattern) is to: gather tools together in one place that’s easy to access and info about what role tools have in what area of the design process is clear. The detail plays out in the design/decisions phase next.

  1. Create an accessible document that lists all the tools available and note, if appropriate, where in the design process they work best. I’ve learnt that tools are not fixed, they can be used in any phase
  2. Test out 6 of the tools
  3. Begin thinking and feeling more deeply into tools for sensing the field and edge-sensing
  4. Explore the idea of thinking of the design as an ecosystem more deeply (see  Observation)

Assessment Criteria