Based on learning and findings from previous phases, observation (survey), analysis – what learning did I get that helps me define what needs to happen?

What goes into the permaculture designers toolbox?

I made a long list of tools used by other permaculture designers and from various books. See the spreadsheet here. I am now satisfied that I have made a good collection of tools.

Next, to understand what each tool is used for, and decide which 6 tools to experiment with. I did this by going through the  Tools spreadsheet and going with my feeling around which would be good to try, based on the content and context. I identified:

1 – Function Analysis (for learning more about tools, where to use them, why)

2- PMI (for evaluation)

3 – Random Assembly (to decide which tools to use in which phase of the design process)

4 – DAFORM – to sort the tools in the spreadsheet into categories so I could work out which I’d like to aim to use in future designs, which I’ve used most often and which I’d like to learn more about. Do the function analysis the ones I’m unfamiliar with.

5 – De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats – to define tools for sensing the field and edge sensing

6 –  KARRABIRDDTT – for linking everything in the design together, to create an ecosystem