Ideas are easy to generate, I have a wealth of ever flowing ideas. What’s been hard is whittling them them down to simplify and to make them coherent and achievable. I feel like I’ve achieved that now. In our Guild meet-up last night, I learnt that Carla Moss managed to complete her Diploma in two years. This first year will certainly be very generative. There’s a lot of on the ground work taking place with community gardens and the grow-along project.

Here, if nothing more than to look back on, I’ll list the ideas I had at the very beginning of the Diploma process.

What would a perfect life look like? (Visioning)

> Zone 00. Inner landscape, own needs

> Recipe book

> Local Food

> Zero waste, zero chemical home

> Urban Salad Penarth (an idea that has run its course)

> USP Business Plan (edible plant sales, right livelihood)

> PGC Project Plan & and GT Network

> Penarth Kitchen Garden

> Introduction to Permaculture Workshop with Louise

> Forest School at The Kymin

> Plant nursery/greenhouse

> Permablitz

> Alleyways greening project

> Food coop/food buying group

> WTHH – update space for siting and noticing in the garden, new raised bed, greenhouse/orangery, 

> More learning about plants, especially perennials (PGC website)

> Our house – closed system of inputs and outputs

> Urban homesteader

> Local Food Market

> Local Food Symposium

> PGC Events Programme (now morphed into GT | Grow-along after successful funding bid)

> Grow Local CIC

> Book | Designing for Social Change

> School food garden

> Orchard Penarth

> Abundance Institute/ CAT in the City/ Centre for Sustainable and Regenerative Urban Living

> Harvest suppers

> Youtube content creator

> WTHH – Energy, water, waste, resources, transport – insulation and windows

> Kymin Community Gardens: Wild food Garden, Children’s Garden, Bramble Patch Kitchen Garden, Food Forest, Secret Garden

> Urban Permaculture website (

> Social Media Strategy

> Share Community Directory (mapping our local food ecosystem +)

> West House Community Garden

> Skills for the Future Curriculum

> Community Kitchen

> Skillshare

> Allotment

> Eco-village/patchwork/distributed

> Neighbourhood project SOUP