Learning Pathway

The Learning Pathway is a process of reflection, learning and an action plan that sets out projects, activities and goals along a timeline. Using the design web to explore, reflect on and implement the pathway for the Diploma. 

Design 1 ~ Kymin Community Gardens

Creating a community garden in a 5 acre steeply sloping dell, which is public open space

Framework: GOBRADIME

Design 2 ~ Kymin Community Gardens | Wild Food Garden

Creating a wild food garden on the Lower Boule Court area of The Kymin in Penarth with the Friends of the Kymin, GPG, Penarth Growing Community and local people.

Framework: MSCEADE

Design 3 ~ Zone 00

Designing for a healthy inner landscape, local food, mental health and wellbeing.

Framework: Design Web

Design 4 ~ Penarth Growing Community ~ Growing Together | Grow-along Programme 2022/23

Designing a programme of activities including open session at our community growing spaces, a seed and plant exchange, plant sales, community market and other things we’d like to do this year.

Design 5 ~ Urban Permaculture Website

A place for documenting and displaying all the projects I’m involved with, sharing my permaculture design journey.

Design 6 ~ Kymin Community Garden | Food Forest

We have five fruit trees that we are going to create polycultures/guilds around, creating a mini example of a food forest in an urban woodland park.

Design 7 ~ Kymin Community Gardens | Secret Garden

A way to create a right livelihood from all the work I do.

Design 8 ~ West House Community Garden | Wild Polyculture Bed 

Developing a wildlife and pollinator border area, including a pear tree guild.

Design 9 ~ Kymin Community Gardens | Bramble Patch Kitchen Garden

Bringing an overgrown patch of land behind the house back into use as a kitchen garden, with a fruit tree espalier boundary,

Design 10 ~ Kymin Community Gardens | Children’s Garden

Creating a playful space for little ones to explore and learn, including a woodland trail, tree swing and interactive woodland sculptures.