Looby’s book has a very good section on patterns in nature.

Patterns in our town system – ten year cycles of things coming round again in town, can use to predict what’s on the horizon, can help us with change

Is this the principle of cyclic opportunity? These things keep playing out in the field because they don’t get resolved, the change is needed, but the context hasn’t been right for the shift to occur, so it keeps getting replayed over and over. Eg research by GPG, Wordsworth Ave community growing, pedestrianisation

These are cycles of opportunity, at each cycle more and more progress is made, the cycle keeps playing out until the change/shift in the field happens.

Feb 12 2022 – I learnt that Emma White had put in for a funding pot to do a gardening for wellbeing project at The Kymin a few years ago. The cycles just keep coming around.

What other cycles are there?

That of the story of growing. In the 1950s Penarth was full of allotments/market gardens. That’s coming around again now with the emergence of growing groups.

What does the emergence woman say about this?

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